vi Series 30 & 40 Watt CO2 Laser

Engineered for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a small footprint, and drop-in compatibility, sharing the same beam exit point with both Synrad v and ti Series lasers. The Synrad vi40 includes a Temperature Broadcast feature for real-time condition monitoring, and the Gen2 tube design efficiently manages thermal resistance and power to deliver a stable accurate beam. Synrad vi Series are some of the most compact and lightest 30 and 40 Watt CO2 lasers available, perfect for small spaces and weight sensitive systems.

vi Series 30 & 40 Watt CO2 Laser

Synrad vi30+
Industry leading CO2 laser with more than 30 Watts of average power for marking, engraving, and ablating applications. The Synrad vi30+ is compact and the lightest 30 Watt CO2 laser available. A next generation CO2 laser engineered for seamless integration onto high-speed industrial equipment, designed to fit easily into tight spaces and onto weight sensitive systems.


Synrad vi40
Compact, lightweight 40 Watt CO2 laser designed for seamless integration into high-speed industrial marking, coding, and engraving equipment. Reliable operation in a wide range of industrial environments with a maximum ambient operating temperature of 45° C and includes real-time condition monitoring using a unique temperature broadcast feature.

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Stable, high power output and crisp beam quality

Uniform Results

Gen2 design provides excellent thermal management to deliver stable, high power output and crisp beam quality for precise processing. Uniform results from machine start through laser warm-up with excellent power stability.

Higher processing speeds

Perfect For High Volume Applications

Fast rise/fall times enable high speed engraving, marking, and coding applications for high-volume manufacturers and processors

Broad processing range

Compatible With A Wide Variety of Materials

Large dynamic range for marking and coding a wide variety of materials with stable power output, even at low duty cycles

Model Synrad vi30+Synrad vi40
Output Power1

> 20 Watts (9.3 μm); > 25 Watts (10.2 μm);
> 30 Watts (10.6 μm)

> 40 Watts


9.3 μm; 10.2 μm; 10.6 μm

10.6 μm

Beam Quality (M2)

< 1.2

< 1.2

Power Stability2 (cold start)

± 5%

± 5%

Beam Diameter3

2.5 mm ± 0.5 mm

2.5 mm ± 0.5 mm

Operating Frequency

0 – 100 kHz

0 – 100 kHz

Duty Cycle Range

0 – 100%

0 – 100%




Dimensions (LxWxH) mm (in.)

427 x 89 x 139
(16.8 x 3.5 x 5.5)

427 x 89 x 139
(16.8 x 3.5 x 5.5)

Weight kg (lbs.)

6.5 kg (14.3 lbs.)

6.7 kg (14.8 lbs.)

1 – Power level guaranteed for 2 years from date of shipment for vi30+ lasers, and 1 year for vi40 lasers, regardless of operating hours, within recommended coolant flow rate and temperature range
2 – Measured from cold start as ±(Pmax-Pmin)/(Pmax+Pmin)
3 – Measured 1/e2 diameter at laser output
Note – See Operator’s Manual for full specifications and associated operating conditions.

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