Visible Diode Pointer

Emits a visible red laser beam which, when coaligned with a CO2 laser beam, serves as an accurate and convenient alignment tool.

Visible Diode Pointer

Easily mounted to the faceplate of any CO2 laser ≤ 100 W and below to serve as an accurate and convenient alignment tool. This eliminates the need for cumbersome IR viewing instruments such as thermal image plates and ultraviolet lights. Additionally, it provides an important safety benefit by enabling the laser user to clearly monitor the location of the beam.

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Near and far field adjustable
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ZnSe Beam Combiner & Diode Laser

The angle of the splitter is adjustable for establishing far field coincidence between the CO<sub>2</sub> laser and diode beams and can also be translated for near field coincidence between the beams. The pointer is shipped with both near and far field adjustments set approximately to their nominal positions. Can be factory installed and pre-aligned, ready for operation.

Easy installment & alignment

Mounts To Any Novanta CO<sub>2</sub> Laser 100 Watts & Below

Easy 4-step installation and quick 5-step alignment processes. Mounts directly to the faceplate of the laser. Near-field distance approximately 30 cm, and far-field distance approximately 3 – 10 meters.