Application & Material Testing

Novanta offers laser application testing to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), laser system integrators, material manufacturers, processors, and end users of automated machinery at no charge.

Application & Material Testing

We hold a unique position as the developer and manufacturer of both laser beam delivery components and CO2, solid state continuous wave, and ultrafast laser sources for OEMs and system integrators. 6 strategically placed application testing facilities staffed by more than 10 dedicated Application Engineers, each with multi-year laser process development experience, provide unmatched testing services to determine:


  • Optimal laser power and wavelength to meet your processing needs
  • Unique processing know-how and best practices that streamline your operations for maximum efficiency
  • New laser processing techniques to solve processing challenges
  • Laser-process-ability of new materials


Novanta Application Engineers conduct tests using multiple laser and beam delivery configurations at multiple settings to determine the best practices to achieve your desired results. A full report will be provided that details recommended equipment, processing steps, and best practices.