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New! Versia 2-Axis Scan Head

Novanta Launches New 2-Axis Scan Head, VERSIA The Versia 2-axis Scan Head, ideal for mid-market micromachining and high-speed marking and coding applications. Bedford, MA (June 26, 2023) – Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), announces the launch

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Learn more about our products and their applications.

Optics Center of Excellence

Located in Taunton, UK, Novanta’s Optics Center of Excellence features a one-of-a-kind approach to manufacturing beryllium mirrors integrating core processes, state-of-the-art technology and our industry-leading expertise to deliver top quality optics for the most demanding applications.

Bedford Application Lab

Bedford Application Lab is equipped with a broad range of capabilities and set up to accommodate various customer needs.

Wackersdorf Application Lab
Wackersdorf Application Lab is equipped with a broad range of capabilities and features a variety of lasers.
Marking Glass with a CO2 Laser

A clean and flexible alternative to marking glass

CO2 Laser Coding & Marking

Discover the versatility of laser marking and coding

CO2 Laser for Label Kiss Cutting

Digital converting adds precision and flexibility for label and packaging manufacturers

CO2 Lasers for Packaging

Digital laser converting delivers higher design flexibility and faster time to market

Cutting with a 400 Watt CO2 Laser

Cutting a variety of materials with a 400 Watt CO2 laser

CO2 Lasers for the Automotive Industry

Learn about the broad range of applications for CO2 lasers in the automotive industry

Laser Marking with a 150 Watt CO2 Laser

Learn about the versatile capabilities of a Synrad 150 Watt CO2 Laser

Selecting a CO2 Laser

Learn the key selection parameters when choosing a CO2 laser for your application

DC3000 Plus, Digital Servo Driver

Digital servo driver featuring state-space technology for self-tuning performance.

ScanMaster Controller

ScanMaster Controller is a laser controller solution that enables optimized performance for demanding laser processing jobs.

SyncMaster, Laser Control Method

The SyncMaster is an advanced laser control method from the ScanMaster Controller that syncrhonizes any XY liner stage with a scanning head, broadening work field size.

Lightning II, 3-Axis Scan Head

The Lightning™ II digital scan head features the industry’s highest-precision scanning speed for maximum throughput.

Precession Elephant 2, Multi-Axis Scan Head

Designed for high-precision laser drilling, cutting and micromachining applications and are used 24/7 in production facilities around the world.

Lifetime Guarantee Laser Quantum Lasers

We aim, at all times, to provide exceptionally designed, defect-free products to all our customers with a quality and lifetime to exceed their expectations. Learn more here.

Novanta - Specializing in Photonics Solutions

Learn more about our story and what makes us unique in the laser processing space.

How to Set up a ventus Laser

This video demonstrates the set-up and usage of a torus 532 nm laser with mpc6000 PSU.

How to Set Up a torus Laser

This video demonstrates the set-up and usage of a torus 532 nm laser with mpc 3000 PSU.