Precession Elephant III

Discover the pinnacle of micro processing precision with Novanta’s Precession Elephant III (PE III) laser scan head — a laser beam delivery revolution for micro-drilling, tapering, and cutting applications. PE III delivers fast, precise, and consistent results for the most intricate, non-contact laser processing jobs. PE III is designed for micro-processing OEMs that need a straight-forward solution with unparalleled flexibility and performance for their customers’ most intricate applications.

Precession Elephant III

The PRECESSION ELEPHANT III (PE III) is the perfect solution for micromachining applications where success is measured by precise, consistent results and throughput speeds that improve productivity. The PE III is designed for 24/7 high-precision laser drilling, cutting and micromachining applications.


PE III offers maximum flexibility for the drilling of innovative borehole-and edge geometries of differing conicity, taper angles and shapes, and allow the production of perfectly round, elliptical and custom-shaped micro holes. The PE III is available for ultraviolet, green and two infrared wavelength ranges, each with two different focal lengths.


Novanta ASC/InScript® controller and operating software package is recommended for optimal programming and control for PE III.

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Exceptional Speed

Exceptional Speed

Industry leading high-speed galvos combined with ultra-light weight mirrors deliver the fastest beam positioning available for higher processing throughput.

Unmatched Precision

Unmatched Precision

With the smallest spot size of <8 µm, our proprietary optical design, featuring fused silica optics and digital electronics, guarantees the finest lines, sharpest corners, and precise tapers for complex geometries.

Unique Laser Drilling Capability

Unique Laser Drilling Capability

Integrated wave plates enable circular polarization of the laser beam, enabling ultrafast drilling of extremely precise holes, tapers, and shapes.

Multiple Wavelength Compatibility

Multiple Wavelength Compatibility

Catering to a diverse range of materials, the PE III is compatible with ultraviolet, green, and two infrared wavelength ranges, each available in two distinct focal lengths.

Maximum Integration Flexibility

Maximum Integration Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate with all major ultra-short, pulsed laser sources on the market, eliminating the complexities of integrating multiple types of laser scan heads.

Faster Machine Integration

Faster Machine Integration

Two powerful industrial cameras, one located at the entrance and the second located at the exit of the scan head, make setup swift and straightforward. Positioning for the work pieces and visual process monitoring is aided by a 4.92 megapixel vision camera positioned to enable faster, easier alignment, allowing you to get started quickly.


Precession Elephant III PE III
Number of Axes

5 axes: X - Y - Z coordinates + two beam inclination angles


340 - 360 nm (UV)
1020 - 1080 nm (NIR)
515 - 540 nm (VIS)

Focal Length of Objective Lens

60 mm or 120 mm

Precision Frequency

300 - 650 Hz (18000 - 39000 rpm)

Maximum Pulse Energy / Shortest Pulse Length

IR: 500 µJ @ 250 fs
VIS: 250 µJ @ 250 fs
UV: tbd



Purge Gas (Head / Lens)

Nitrogen / Any

Polarization (Input / Output)

Linear / Circular

Cameras - Alignment (2)

Industrial cameras with e2v 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor

Camera - Visual

Progressive scan 4.92 megapixel, 4:3 aspect ratio