Laser Sub-Systems

Delivering a legacy of application success and innovative solutions

High-Performing Laser Sub-Systems

Novanta helps OEMs and system architects achieve their specific application requirements by providing high-performing laser sub-systems that combine our CO2 and ultrafast laser sources, beam delivery systems with a full laser controller solution, and if needed, perfectly matched power supplies and cooling systems. Our technical and manufacturing expertise delivers uniquely configured, application-specific solutions that improve equipment performance. Unlike other providers that are limited to a single technology, we have the deep technological know-how and the manufacturing capability to provide the key components and deliver fully aligned sub-systems, ready for integration.


As a trusted technology partner, Novanta employs a collaborative approach, working engineer-to-engineer to create unique solutions to some of the most challenging laser processing, diagnostic, and analytical applications.

Some of our most recent innovations include:
Insulation removal

A unique dual laser ablation system that utilizes a customized 3-axis scanning head to deliver two different laser wavelengths (CO₂ and fiber) on a target surface to completely remove a compound insulation coating to promote conductivity

Precision cutting

A powerful sub-system that enables precise depth cutting on irregular 3D shapes while in motion on a conveyor system

Industrial marking and coding

A compact CO₂ laser and 3-axis scan head sub-system that applies permanent codes and marks on a concave, coated metal plate mounted inside a 14-inch diameter pipe

High precision drilling

A unique multi-axis scanning head that can direct a laser beam to drill square holes in silicon nitride less than 100 µm x 100 µm with precise tapers

Fluorescence imaging

A wide range of high precision continuous wave lasers with milliwatt power levels, extended wavelength spectrum, and high spectral stability to image cell or protein structures.

High precision drilling

User controlled digital cutting system that enables precise cut pattern changes while the machine is in operation, eliminating traditional die cutting templates, and avoiding costly shutdowns for die pattern changeovers