FH Flyer, 2-Axis Scan Head

A pre-aligned mounting kit from the factory pairs the FH Flyer with any Synrad CO2 laser from 10 to 150 Watts to create ready-to-work laser processing sub-system for marking, engraving, and cutting applications.

FH Flyer, 2-Axis Scan Head

The Synrad 2-axis FH Flyer scanning head is designed to be an efficient and effective CO2 laser marking, engraving, and cutting solution for OEMs and system architects alike. The 2-axis FH Flyer is an excellent choice for applying permanent marks and codes, delivering speeds up to 300 ips (7620 mm/s) in either static (index) or dynamic (tracking) laser-marking applications.


Integration is fast and easy because the FH Flyer combined with a Synrad CO2 laser saves considerable engineering time and effort associated with sourcing and aligning separate components from different manufacturers. WinMarkPro laser marking software is included with each FH Flyer, and the intuitive, user-friendly software enables users to get up and running quickly.


To download and install the newest firmware release for FH Flyer Scanning Heads and WinMark Pro v6.3. go the WinMarkpro page. Note: for USB communication with FH Flyer, the separate WinMarkpro USB Coms Driver Installer also needs to be downloaded and installed in addition to Winmark 6.3 before physically plugging in your USB cable.

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Fast set-up

Built-in Ethernet interface connects to a computer, server, or network share with additional input/output capability to enable scan head control via computer (tethered) or operate independently (standalone)

Flexible mounting

Optional four-position L-bracket allows users to easily mount the FH Flyer scan head in its standard position (lens down) as well as in +90, -90, and 180-degree rotations

Easy integration

Static of dynamic tracking modes enable easy integration into a custom processing station or onto full production lines

WinMarkpro Software
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Intuitive job design and control with included WinMark Pro software package

Model Synrad FH Flyer
Operating Temperature Range

0 to 40° C

Electrical Input

30 VDC, 4A, 8A Peak

Continuous Beam Maximim Input Power

125 mm lens – 40 Watts
All others – 200 Watts

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm (inches)

214.6 x 137.2 x 136.9 (8.45 x 5.40 x 5.39)

Weight kg (lbs.)

4.4 (9.6)