Engineered Solutions for Specific Applications

Laser processing is versatile, and laser processing systems can be designed to accommodate multiple processes or overcome processing challenges

Engineered Solutions for Specific Applications
About Specialized Solutions


Laser processing systems can be engineered to perform a very specific task that cannot be accomplished using traditional methods. Engineering a laser processing system involves the blending of a laser source(s) with the proper beam delivery method and controlling the system with user friendly software and digital controllers to achieve the desired results. Finding and combining critical laser system components from multiple manufacturers can be daunting and pose significant technical challenges.


As designer and manufacturer of both laser sources and beam delivery systems, Novanta is in the unique position to provide OEMs and system architects with the critical components that are matched to achieve the desired results. Novanta’s product offerings are supported by application and technical experts that know laser systems and laser processing, and partner with our customers to create solutions.

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Configurable components

Broad Range of Component Options

Wavelengths, power levels, aperture sizes, mirror coatings, repetition rates, cooling options are just a few of the many parameters that can be adjusted and incorporated into individual components and sub-systems to fit the application

State-of-the-art control systems
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Proprietary Software & Controllers

High precision software and controllers engineered specifically for the components they control include some of the most advanced features to deliver precise, repeatable results

Testing services

Minimize Risk & Avoid Delays

Unmatched testing services available through regional testing facilities ensures processing success and avoids delays caused by unanticipated application “miss-fires”, added engineer-to-engineer support streamlines communications and minimizes integration time

Test The Solution

The new VERSIA 2-axis scan head is here. Join us in one of our Application Centers for a free test on your material and with your test parameters.