UC-2000 CO2 Laser Controller

Easy user interface for total control of laser power, duty cycle, and modulation frequency.

UC-2000 CO2 Laser Controller

The UC-2000 Universal Laser Controller enables users to control laser power, duty cycle, and modulation frequency by pulse width modulation (PWM) at selectable clock frequencies of 5, 10, and 20 kHz. Compatible with 32, 48, v, vi, ti, f, and i Series CO2 lasers, the all-digital UC-2000 features an easy-to-read LCD screen and easy set-up. Available in standard or rack-mountable packages.

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Autosave feature

Automatically Saves Current Mode Settings

Six seconds after the last pushbutton or PWM Adj Knob operation (in local UC-2000 control), the Controller automatically saves the current mode settings and PWM power percent-age into non-volatile memory. After saving operational settings, the Controller beeps twice to indicate success. If power is removed and later reapplied, the UC-2000 Controller will power-up with the last saved operating mode and power settings.

5 operating modes

Choose 1 Of 5 Operating Modes

CO<sub>2</sub> laser output power is controlled by choosing one of five UC-2000 operating modes: MANUAL, ANC (analog current), ANV (analog voltage), MAN. (manual) CLOSED, and ANV (analog voltage) CLOSED. When none of these modes is active, the Controller operates in Standby mode.

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