High Performance & Yield Marking & Coding Systems

Realizing high return on investment for laser marking systems requires reliable laser performance. Synrad high performance CO2 lasers have demonstrated reliability in marking & coding applications for more than 20 years, consistently delivering more value than the lower price alternatives.

Modern Marking & Coding Equipment Uses CO2 Lasers

Utilizing CO2 lasers to mark logos and product codes is not a novel concept. The benefits and returns on investment of laser marking systems are well known, and as a result, laser technology has developed to increase the throughput, yield, and versatility of these industrial machines. For more than 20 years now, Synrad high performance CO2 lasers have set the global standard for performance and reliability of modern marking and coding systems.

Keeping Pace With Industry Changes

Furthermore, marking and coding requirements on packaging and products can change quickly, and variations between industries are becoming increasingly complex. Modern laser marking and coding systems are software driven, which make them very adaptable to changing requirements and processes.

Not All CO2 Lasers Are The Same

Sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) gas lasers were introduced into the industrial marketplace over 30 years ago. Throughout the years, the sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) gas lasers have established themselves as standard equipment for marking and coding. Although several types of sealed CO2 lasers are available, it is important to understand the key specifications and potential trade-offs.

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