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Microstructuring Battery Electrodes Using Dart Picosecond Laser

Lithium-ion batteries are the cornerstone for modern power storage technologies such as consumer electronics or electric vehicles.

Highly Accurate Particle Counting Using Lasers

Particle measuring is the process of counting and sizing particulates in a sample and is performed in

Ultrafast Laser Noise Measurement

One of Laser Quantum’s goals has always been to create lasers with the lowest possible noise. Intracavity

Optimal Processing of Polypropylene Films with CO2 Lasers

Polypropylene, commonly abbreviated as PP, is one of the most common and important plastics used today. It

improving character marking
Improving Character Marking Quality

Improving character marking is important. Product and packaging manufacturing are continuously evolving, but one constant remains: the

co2 lasers
CO2 Lasers For Packaging

CO2 Lasers For Packaging: What They Do, Why It Matters CO2 lasers are used in a wide