Laser Scoring/Scribing for Material Processing

Extremely repeatable, allowing stable depth to be achieved for consistent results across a broad range of material types

About Laser Scoring/Scribing for Material Processing

Scoring and/or scribing requires cutting to a specific depth without fully penetrating the target material. This allows materials to be separated or bent along predetermined channels. Many materials can be scored, including:

  • Glass and ceramics that will then be fractured for full separation
  • Plastics, films, foils, and paper for easy-open packaging
  • Cardstock or cardboard that will be folded and formed
  • Decorative embellishments on a variety of materials
  • Selective scoring of multi-layer materials to expose an underlying layer/color
  • Scribing semiconductors, wafers, and solar modules

Laser scoring/scribing is extremely repeatable, allowing stable depth to be achieved for consistent application results. These digital systems also provide micrometer precision and minimal heat input, so scoring sensitive materials or positioning within demanding tolerances is easily accomplished.


Lasers used for scoring/scribing should have excellent power stability or pulse-to-pulse stability to ensure consistent results. Matching the laser wavelength to the target material(s) absorption minimizes heat input to the material and improves processing speeds. Digitally controlled scan heads provide accurate, high-speed scoring, especially for packaging and decorative applications. XY-gantries and fixed focus heads can be useful for scribing thicker materials, offering perpendicular beam entry and air assist to obtain the best quality on more challenging materials.

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