LIGHTNING™ II 3-Axis Scan Head

Our highly engineered components and subsystem solutions—combined with deep expertise in advanced photonics—make us the global technology partner of choice for advanced industrial OEMs and system integrators. Our LIGHTNING™ scan heads combines expertise from our Cambridge Technology engineering teams to develop a modular, all-digital scan head solution providing flexible integration options for the most demanding applications.

LIGHTNING™ II, 3-Axis Scan Head

Our digital LIGHTNING™ II modular scan head offers the most flexible system integration option out in the market. Designed to be build around your machine, our 3-axis modular scan head can be easily taken apart to fit into your system for a truly customized solution. Packed with the highest speed, accuracy and support for different system integration options, our LIGHTNING™ II scan heads are optimized for demanding applications requiring fast, precise scanning and continuous operation. They ensure high stability featuring nonstop, consistent performance, and offer substantial flexibility when processing over large work fields. This scan head is ideal for demanding laser material processing applications like additive manufacturing, micromachining, and converting. Our 3-axis modular solution is ideal for system engineers looking for a flexible, high-quality beam delivery solution that delivers high throughput and accuracy throughout the job, high quality finish of 3D parts and a flexible system integration.