Precise removal of material with accurate control over hole size and shape

About Trepanning

Laser trepanning provides precise removal of material with accurate control over hole size and shape. By altering laser system parameters and motion, different hole shapes, diameters, taper, and edge finish effects are all possible with the same piece of equipment. Non-contact processing means there is no tool wear or replacement and even the most sensitive materials can be cut without fear of warping or mechanical damage. The results are accurate and consistent, ensuring even the tightest tolerances can be maintained.


Laser system requirements will vary depending on the material type, thickness, and specific application goals. Thinner materials can typically be trepanned with a lower power laser and scan head. These thin materials are easy to pierce with less laser energy and the scan head can provide high speed motion with excellent edge quality. Thicker materials will require higher laser power to penetrate the material and an XY-gantry to ensure vertical hole walls and proper air assist.

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Trepanning Can Include:
  • Cutting holes in packaging to promote breathability and food freshness
  • Visual through-holes for product packaging
  • Textile patterns
  • Acoustic patterns
  • Through-holes in plastics, wood, paperboard, and metals
  • Furniture embellishments
  • Customizing automotive components
  • Material removal for weight reduction
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