Create micro features with precise shape, minimal heat effect and high positional accuracy

About Micromachining

Laser micromachining includes a range of processes on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, diamond, sapphire, and more. Many of these processes would be impossible with traditional methods due to scale or complexity. Creating micro features with precise shape, minimal heat effect and high positional accuracy is critical to application success.


Innovation in the electronics, medical, solar, and battery industries have led to smaller, more intricate designs with tighter tolerances, requiring precise, repeatable micro processing. Due to the high complexity and value of manufactured products, laser system processing must offer high repeatability, reliable operation, and throughput—all while maintaining exceptional quality.


To ensure this quality with minimal thermal damage, short wavelength, short pulse lasers are used. They require high peak power, pulse-to-pulse stability, and excellent beam quality to achieve consistent results and deliver fine detail processing. XY gantries and scan heads require exceptional positional accuracy. The fast motion control offered by scan heads is necessary to take full advantage of higher repetition rate lasers and improve throughput

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Micromachining Can Include:
  • Micro-cutting
  • Micro-scribing
  • Micro-marking
  • Micro-engraving
  • Micro-drilling
  • Micro-ablation
  • Micro-patterning
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