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Compatible with ASC controller series
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About InScript Software

Novanta’s ARGES product line portfolio of laser control software products enable you to optimize laser control and scanning performance, while providing easy integration with an OEM’s system. Our InScript software works in conjunction with both of our ASC controller series, ARGnet series and HSSI series.

This laser control solution features proprietary algorithms and predictive controls that increase scanning performance for the most demanding applications. Our InScript software features powerful package of designer tools that conveniently support standard file formats. Our ASC controller series and software solution is compatible with all ARGES scan heads.

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InScript Highlights


Adaptable Interface with Advanced Application Features

  • Full featured software for 2-axis and 3-axis scan heads with no dongles or locks
  • Single software solution for multiple applications with built-in advanced application-specific features
  • Adaptable automation interface with built-in advanced scripting language
  • User-friendly user interfaces and wizards designed specifically for certain tasks, e.g., for setting up and configuring the system

Expanded Features

  • Timestamp based infrastructure for precise scanner and laser real-time control
  • Application-based features like on-the-fly, enhanced 3D marking performance, estimate build time feature for sintering machine and polygonal scanning support for high-precision cell sorting.
  • New 3D-ScanFieldCalibration engine
  • New user-friendly calibration wizard for 2D & 3D
  • Controller services for system health, support-tasks, update-tasks and more

Controller Services

The Controller Services provide user-friendly functions and methods for managing and monitoring the entire controller as well as all devices connected via ARGNET.

  • Basic functionalities for the setup and administration of the controller are provided, like the creation of ‘Support Infos’, enabling the configuration of external interfaces up to a fully automated update routine. Using the update routine, all system components of the system (OS, buildroot, firmware, FPGA of the controller and scanhead) are updated with the selection of only one update package.
  • In addition, AutoLoad/AutoSelect functions have been integrated into the Controller Services to simplify integration of the controller into a fully automated factory.
  • A system configuration can be cloned to set up other systems quickly and easily in the same way.
  • Methods have also been added that make it easy to read out all relevant information about the controller internal installed system components and software revisions. Methods for cleaning up the OS have also been added.

Timed Signal Stream Recorder

Timed Signal Streams (TSS) are streams of various data which can be requested from a ARGNET controller. The TSS Recorder in InScript provides a very simple way to capture these streams and save them to files (binary or CSV) for further analysis on an external PC or device. The TSS Recorder comes with a scalable sample rate and CSV export. The resolution of the streams can be configured stepwise per stream up to 200K sample rate. The recordings of all data streams can be used for external data analysis, quality purposes, troubleshooting, diagnostics, and external visualization of process signals with time resolution of 5 microseconds.


Stabilization & Usability Patch for the ARGNET Series

In this latest June, 2022 release, major usability patches for core components of the system such as the Vector Editor, the SFC Wizard, the Timed Signal Stream Views and various other components are included. In addition, the version includes major stabilization and performance enhancements that enable a more efficient and user-friendly work experience.


Always-On On-The-Fly (AO-OTF)

Our AO-OTF is needed for battery foil cutting for the e-mobility market. This method switches fully automatically between segmented and continuous mode, achieving very high cutting speeds with high precision. By keeping the laser on throughout the process, lasers with lower power can be used for the cutting process, reducing the overall cost of the battery production line.


Better User Experience and Application Fetures


  • Always-On On-The-Fly – Higher cutting speed and lower laser power as required for battery production in e-mobility markets.
  • OCT Extension – Better usability in terms of configuration and process interaction, plus higher OCT resolution
  • Laser Power Ramping – User-friendly feature for adjusting the laser energy during the laser process.
  • Enhanced Controller Services – 1-click update solution for the entire controller & enhanced system monitoring
  • Polyline Delay – Enables higher accuracy in corners.
  • Wobble Extension – New wobble shapes to improve welding applications.
  • EtherCAT extension – More flexibility and a larger amount of process data available via EtherCAT.
  • Stability Patch – Critical bug-fixes, usability features on customer request


Application Advantages

Cutting and Welding for eMobility

For the best results in applications such as cutting electrode foils and welding battery cells, both statically and during movement, our InScript software offers all facets for flexible material processing with respect to:

  • Precision and quality
  • Throughput improvement
  • Process data achievement
Drilling and Micromachining

Precision and ultra-fine levels of accuracy are critical advantages of laser scanning control in micromachining applications. Users that add InScript to their laser scanning solution can achieve:

  • Highest accuracy in small areas
  • Flexibility in job design
  • Drilling and micro-cutting features
Optical Coherence Tomography

Using an OCT as a tool for pre-, in- and post-processing needs a powerful software solution for data post-processing and visualization, which is provided by the InScript software with features like:

  • Laser scanning visualization for pre- and post-processing
  • Bottom surface breakthrough and drilling applications
  • Layer-wise height measurement and process stop for ultrafast ablation processes

Manuals & Documents

This latest release of our ASC and InScript laser controller solution provides our Always-On On-The-Fly (AO-OTF) feature, which enables a very fast MOTF process for battery foil cutting for the e-mobility market. We also introduce our laser power ramping and new wobble shapes to improve welding applications. This release also includes: a major feature and usability update for our OCT solution, extended our EtherCAT automation interface to provide users with more flexibility and a greater amount of process data for better process handling and enhanced, user-friendly Controller Services for managing and monitoring the entire laser scan system. Lastly, you can find major usability & stabilization patches for the ARGNET Series.

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