ScanMaster Designer

Optimize laser control and enhance performance for your laser processing needs.

Compatible with ScanMaster Controller
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About ScanMaster Designer

Designed to work seamlessly with all our Cambridge Technology’s scan heads, our ScanMaster solution enables you to optimize laser control and scanning performance, while providing easy integration with an OEM’s system. Our ScanMaster Designer software works in conjunction with our controller, ScanMaster Controller. This laser control solution features proprietary algorithms and predictive controls that increase scanning performance for the most demanding applications. Our ScanMaster Designer software features powerful package of designer tools that conveniently support all standard file formats. Our ScanMaster Controller and Software solution is compatible with all Cambridge Technology scan heads.


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ScanMaster Designer Highlights


Single Software Solution

Single software solution for multiple applications with built-in advanced application-specific features



The SyncMaster is an advanced laser control method from our ScanMaster Controller and Software solution which synchronizes any XY liner stage with a scanning head, broadening work field size


High Fidelity 3D Marking

High fidelity 3D marking delivered with an integrated 3D model design capabilities and file importing


Built-in ScanScript

Single software solution for multiple applications with built-in advanced application-specific features



Skywriting for shapes and texts delivering uniform laser density to achieve best results and highest quality performance


ScanPack Trajectory Planning

Greater throughput with higher accuracy enabled by an intelligent ScanPack trajectory planning



High degree of stitching accuracy with multi-head synchronization

Application Advantages

Additive Manufacturing

To enhance quality part production, the ScanMaster Controller & Designer features superior command resolution, trajectory planning, and predictive controls. Additive Manufacturing users can achieve:

  • Precision and quality
  • Throughput improvement
  • System failure detection
  • Process data archiving

Precision and ultra-fine levels of accuracy are critical advantages of laser scanning control in micromachining applications. Users that add ScanMaster to their laser scanning solution can achieve:

  • Greater position accuracy in small areas
  • Eliminates delays
  • Multi-head processing
  • Intuitive software features
Via-Hole Drilling

Within Micromachining, Via-Hole Drilling is a process that requires extreme precision and accuracy to drill micro holes on sensitive materials. The ScanMaster features:

  • Burst pulse mode
  • Flexible drill shapes options
  • On-the-fly drilling or roll-to-roll flex circuit options
  • System failure detection

Excellent beam controls and spot size from 150x150mm to 1500x1500mm field size processing. The advanced controls including 16bit to 24bit command resolution enables higher throughput and 24x7 production. The ScanMaster features:

  • Enabled 3-axis scan head operation
  • Two MOTF and two RS232/485
  • Tiling and tray
  • Roll to roll integration and system failure detection
High-Precision Marking and Coding

Support all 16bit interface scanhead to enable effortless integration. Quick, intuitive, and easy laser integration reduce system setup time. The ScanMaster features:

  • Plug-and-play laser adaptor
  • >15 million vector move buffer with more than 3.5GB on board memory for job storage
  • Standalone operation and remote administration
  • Tray and database to increase productivity

Manuals & Documents

Latest SMC 3.1 Release. Latest release update includes application-based features like skywriting, enhanced 3D marking performance, estimate build time feature for sintering machine and polygonal scanning support for high-precision cell sorting. For more information, download our brochure below.

View ScanMaster Designer Manuals