Laser Perforating & Drilling for Digital Converting

Drill and perforate very sensitive materials or even three-dimensional packaging and products

About Laser Perforating & Drilling for Digital Converting

Laser system perforating and drilling applications allow for the precise control of hole size and placement, ensuring proper function while maintaining a high-quality product appearance. Quick changes to patterns or hole size are easy with this fully digital process, eliminating the need for tooling changes. The non-contact nature of laser processing allows drilling and perforating of very sensitive materials or even three-dimensional packaging and products. Laser systems are used to perforate or drill in a variety of converting processes, including:

  • Easy-open perforation of packaging
  • Ventilation holes to promote oxygen exchange and enhance product freshness
  • Unique micro hole patterns for security document validation
  • One-way holes for product ventilation

The combination of properly matched scan head, control software, and laser source ensures accurate, repeatable results and desired throughput speeds.  The precise, high-speed beam delivery of a scan head ensures patterns are repeatable with excellent throughput and aligned perfectly with any printed graphics. A pulsed laser source with excellent beam quality will create crisp, circular perforation and drill holes to ensure a quality finish.
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