Laser Drilling & Trepanning for Material Processing

Exacting control over drilling processes, including hole shape, size, taper, depth, and placement

About Laser Drilling & Trepanning for Material Processing

Laser systems offer exacting control over drilling processes, including hole shape, size, taper, depth, and placement—all with excellent repeatability and detail that mechanical systems simply cannot match. Laser drilling lowers operating costs and improves consistency by eliminating drill bits and cutting tools that wear over time and require constant replacement. This digitally-controlled, non-contact method can be used on even the most sensitive materials, offering control down to micro-sized features.


Laser drilling is especially effective where precision and repeatability are critical processing characteristics, including:

  • Electronics – wafers, circuit boards, probe cards
  • Telecommunications – cell phones
  • Aerospace – venting, cooling, weight reduction
  • Automotive – injection nozzles, filters, bore hole arrays, weather stripping, bumpers
  • Textiles – spinning nozzles
  • Packaging – freshness, breathability, easy-open
  • And more- jewel bearings, aesthetic purposes, acoustic purposes

Typically, lasers require high peak power to more efficiently penetrate materials and provide higher quality results. Beam delivery will depend on the material and application, but scan heads offer the highest speed positioning of drill holes in thin materials while XY-gantries and robotic arms offer perpendicular beam entry and air assist for drilling thicker or more challenging materials.

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