Our ARGES scan heads are employed in a wide variety of applications in the fields of material and surface processing. With different scan head sizes, power ranges and mirror apertures, we have the flexibility to find the optimal solution for any 2D application. Thanks to our wide selection of high-quality F-theta lenses and coatings, we are able to precisely tailor the scan heads to a specific application.


Engineered by our ARGES brand, the FIBER RHINO 2-axis scan head is a compact solution designed for a variety of applications, specifically for large-field processing.  Built in a compact housing design, our 2-axis scan head provides the largest aperture sizes within its portfolio of 2-axis scan heads with 16 to 31 mm, which are essential for vision and measurement systems, multi-kilowatt applications. Our solution also features an option without fiber coupling, RHINO scan head.

The FIBER RHINO can be purchased with various interfaces: standard analog inputs, standard XY2-100 protocol our proprietary interface implementing new features and Plug & Play operation.

All ARGES scan heads are compatible with ARGES ASC controllers and InScript® software.