Advanced air-cooling system enables usability in specialized environments

Novanta offers a broad range of diode pumped solid state green lasers specifically engineered for specialized spectroscopy and particle detection applications used in semiconductor manufacturing. Designed for easy integration into OEM instrumentation, our Laser Quantum brand DPSS lasers feature compact form factors, exceptional power stability, and high wall plug efficiency, delivering distinct benefits in thermal management and eliminate the complexities of liquid cooling and the associated costs.


Unique features that ensure dependable operation:

• Smaller particle detection capability with ultra-low noise and active noise cancellation
• Minimizes false positives with exceptional power stability
• Faster throughput with higher power to sample
• Repeatable, consistent results with tight focus and efficient fiber coupling
• Carefree 24/7 operation with remote access tuning and servicing eliminates the need for returns or removal from machines

Green DPSS Lasers

gem Lasers

Fit and forget laser source with a compact design, wide power range, and multiple wavelength options. All gem lasers are high specification multi-mode CW lasers with a long industrial heritage, and are available with customized speckle pattern and band with profile.


ventus Lasers

Designed for high resolution imaging applications with consistent performance reliability and long lifetime. Tight focus, efficient fiber coupling, and exceptional power stability delivers repeatable results.


axiom Lasers

Higher power DPSS laser delivers up to 12 Watts of power without the need for liquid cooling. A unique, patented active noise suppression removes noise before it has time to fully appear, eliminating false positives.


opus Lasers

Compact, versatile with excellent beam characteristics, low noise, and highly stable output for applications where precision is essential. Unique cavity technology and active noise cancellation maintains very low false positives within the particle measurement process over long periods of time.

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Unique air cooling

Unique air cooling

Advanced cavity design and exceptional wall plug efficiency in our high power lasers enables usage in applications where air cooling is the only allowed method.

Minimize false positives

Minimize false positives

  • Patented active noise cancellation utilizes suppression electronics and unique cavity designs to ensure ultralow noise and stable output for consistent, accurate results to minimize false positives by removing noise from the laser or from the system as a whole
  • Active power feedback allows the laser to maintain precise output power in changing environments with no intervention needed over years of operation
Increased productivity

Increased productivity

  • Uniform power at sample for faster throughput with available fiber coupling solutions at 70% efficiency above 500 mW
  • Available with multi or single mode fiber delivery options
Remote servicing

Remote servicing

  • Minimizes downtimes by eliminating laser return for servicing
  • Works with proprietary software that allows the laser to be controlled locally and over the internet to connect directly to our support team for monitoring laser performance and to diagnose and optimize laser performance
Easy integration

Easy integration

  • Compact laser source easily fits into new or retrofitted OEM instrument
  • Simple plug & play solutions minimize integration complexities and allows for in-field replacement
Customizable profile

Customizable profile

Selected lasers can be supplied with a customized bandwidth profile, power level, and wavelength to fit specific application needs