ventus – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

With a long heritage in developing lasers for mission-critical industrial applications the ventus follows a design philosophy that delivers very high performance and reliability over the longest lifetimes. A small form factor and high wall plug electrical efficiency, delivering distinct benefits in thermal management. The ventus family offers a range of wavelengths and powers for a multitude of applications.

ventus – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

Single longitudinal mode lasers for high resolution imaging applications.


ventus 532

High stability ensures nonstop, consistent performance 24/7 in a range of applications


ventus solo

Designed specifically for Raman spectroscopy with narrow bandwidth and high stability for precise results


ventus 561

Offering exceptional beam quality and ultralow noise, the 561 offers high power in a compact design


ventus 660

Stability, beam quality and long lifetimes with ultralow noise


ventus 671

High power in a compact platform at 671 nm wavelength, delivering exceptional beam characteristics