opus – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

With its rugged, patented design, the opus is characterised by its high power and compact size. The opus versatility lies in the opus’s excellent beam characteristics, low noise and highly stable output delivering reliable and repeatable results for applications where precision is essential.


Designed with the system builder in mind, our high-performance opus with cavity technology, maintains constant low noise over long periods of time – one of the key characteristics in maintaining very low false positives within the particle measurement process.


Ease of integration is a key design feature across all products. The opus family feature a small form factor and high wall plug electrical efficiency, delivering distinct benefits in thermal management, enhanced by an advanced air cooling system enabling the lasers to be used in environments where water cooling is not permitted or feasible. Making the opus truly the laser of choice for high reliability, 24/7 system integrated applications.

opus – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

Up to 10 Watts of highly stable infra-red light with a TEM00 beam for multi-channel optical trapping.


opus 532

Delivers highest accuracy and reliability for precision applications.


opus 660

Leading power levels at the 660 nm wavelength in a compact platform


opus 1064

Efficient thermal management reducing the need for cooling requirements at power levels up to 10 W

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Prevent false positives

Ultralow Noise & Tight Beam Focus

  • Exceptional power with ultralow noise to prevent false positive
  • Superior beam qualities allowing for tight focus, efficient fiber coupling and uniformed power across the sample
Repeatable accuracy

Active Noise Cancellation

  • High resolution with repeatable accuracy
  • Active noise cancellation delivering reliable measurements
Easy integration

Long Operational Lifetime

  • Customizable features to deliver long operational lifetime
  • Remote service features minimize downtimes by enabling planned service
Improve productivity

Flexible, Cost Efficient Operation

  • Flexible compact platform
  • Optimum thermal management to reduce costly cooling requirements
  • Designed in a compact shape; ensuring high power at sample
Model opus 532opus 660opus 1064

532 nm

660 nm

1064 nm


up to 6000 mW

up to 1500 mW

2 - 10 Watts

Beam Diameter1

1.85 ± 0.2 mm

0.85 ± 0.1 mm

1.85 ± 0.2 mm

Spatial Mode









45 ± 10 GHz

30 GHz

80 GHz


<0.5 mrad

<1.5 mrad

<1.0 mrad





Power Stability (RMS)2




Noise (RMS)




Noise Bandwidth

10 Hz - 100 MHz

10 Hz - 50 kHz

10 Hz - 100 MHz

Beam Pointing Stability

<2 μrad/°C

<10 μrad/°C

<10 μrad/°C

Polarization Ratio




Polarization Direction3




Coherence Length

0.7 cm

~1 cm

~4 mm

Beam Angle4

<1 mrad

<1 mrad

<1 mrad

Operating Temperature

15 - 40 °C

10 - 40 °C

15 - 40 °C