gem – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

The gem range is the OEM laser of choice. Designed for easy integration into OEM instrumentation, whilst delivering high power in a compact platform, the gem is ideal for a range of applications from Super resolution microscopy, Raman, Holography through to Semi conduction inspection and particle counting. The gem family features a small form factor and high wall plug electrical efficiency, delivering distinct benefits in thermal management, enhanced by an advanced air cooling system enabling the laser to be used in environments where water cooling is not permitted or feasible.


gem – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

High power levels, excellent beam quality, low noise, and high stability in a compact package


gem 532

A high specification, single transverse mode CW green laser, ideal for integration into OEM equipment. A compact, highly stable, diffraction limited beam.


gem 561

Leading power level at this wavelength with direct fibre coupling solutions ideal for super resolution microscopy


gem 640

Innovative DPSS solution at 640nm, perfect fit for microscopy and hologram replication due to low noise and power stability and spectral properties


gem 660

A powerful and compact laser with excellent beam characteristics in an innovative stress-free cavity architecture


gem 671

Ideal for scientific applications with excellent beam specifications in a compact platform