axiom – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

The axiom laser designed by Laser Quantum is a high power, air-cooled laser delivering 12 W of power without the need for liquid cooling. As with many mission-critical applications, 24/7 reliability together with long service lifetimes are required. Designed with the semiconductor system builder in mind, Laser Quantum has designed the axiom laser specifically to address the requirements of wafer inspection and is able to offer OEMs a series of unique features. Thanks to its novel cavity design, the axiom laser can be supplied with a customized bandwidth profile that is able to deliver a speckle pattern dedicated to the specifics of the inspection application, along with exceptional beam quality and active noise suppression. Advanced integrated power feedback is a defining feature, and this feature allows the laser to intelligently maintain and optimize its own power levels in order to maintain beam specification with no power fluctuations.


axiom – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

Ultra-compact architecture incorporates active optics and integrated water cooling without the integration complexities associated with fiber delivery.


axiom 532

Delivering exceptional power stability and ultralow noise up for repeatable, accurate results with minimized false positives


axiom 660

Leading power levels for in-line quality control and ensuring high power on sample


axiom LE

Designed for the OEM user, high powers and easily integrated into equipment due to optics in head

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Unique power, efficient cooling

Easy Integration

  • Cost efficient thermal management with air cooling solutions for easy integration
  • Leading power levels for 660 nm delivering high power to sample
Accurate results

Minimizes False Positives

  • Exceptional power stability and ultralow noise delivering accurate results
  • Active noise cancellation designed to ensure consistent, accurate results, laser to laser
  • Optimum optical design ensuring power stability and minimizing false positives
  • Minimized instabilities due to integrated pump diode and no fiber input stress
Easier integration, minimal downtime

CEP Stabilization & Long Lifetime

  • Reduce integration complexities and minimal downtime
  • CEP stabilization for a faster and deeper modulation; removing cost and complexities
  • Long operational lifetimes and remote accessibility for reduced downtime and planned servicing
Model axiom 532axiom 660

532 nm

660 nm


4-12 Watts

3-6 Watts

Spectral Bandwidth

50 GHz

60 GHz


<0.4 mrad

<1.6 mrad

Power Stability (RMS)2

<0.1% (<10 W) <0.05% (10 - 12 W)


Noise (RMS)

<0.03% (<10 Watts) <0.02% (10-12 Watts)


Noise Bandwidth

10 Hz - 100 MHz

10 Hz - 50 kHz

Beam Pointing Stability

<2 μrad/°C

<2 μrad/°C