torus – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

The torus family offers a range of single longitudinal mode lasers with bandwidths below 1 MHz. These are ideal for applications such as high resolution Raman spectroscopy, holography and interferometry that benefit from the long coherence length.

Unique in the marketplace, the torus family all benefit from active mode locking technology. This advanced internal software maintains the performance of the output beam, ensure a stable frequency output across long measurements and wide temperature fluctuations. This technology eliminates mode drift and hop and creates a narrow linewidth laser with no sidebands.

torus – Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers

Single longitudinal mode lasers with narrow linewidth and no sidebands for high resolution imaging applications


torus 532

High specification, single frequency laser with no mode-hopping


torus 660

Active mode-locking technology to ensure exceptional stabilized laser beam characteristics

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Active mode locking

Reproducible, Accurate Results

  • Clean spectrum with no sidebands for reproducible, accurate results
  • Delivering higher resolution image because of the narrow bandwidth and virtual cavity ring
High resolution images

Minimal Spectrum Drift

  • Strong spectral purity minimizes spectrum drift and more precise results
Model torus 532torus 660

532 nm

660 nm


250 - 750 mW

150 - 200 mW


1 MHz

1 MHz


 0.45 mrad

 0.55 mrad

Power Stability (RMS)2



Noise (RMS)



Noise Bandwidth

10 Hz - 100 MHz

10 Hz - 50 kHz

Beam Pointing Stability3

<2 μrad/°C

<2 μrad/°C