Via Hole Drilling (VHD)

Smaller holes than mechanical processes with fast, highly accurate via placement

About Via Hole Drilling

Printed circuit boards are continuing to get smaller, with increasing demands on via hole size, shape, and placement accuracy. Laser processing offers smaller holes than mechanical processes and fast, highly accurate via placement. This non-contact process allows precise and repeatable control of via shape (including hole diameter and taper), copper splash and overhang, and depth of the via to ensure proper function.


Lasers used in this application must have high peak power, excellent beam quality, and stable laser output (pulse-to-pulse stability, stable energy over time, and high pointing stability) to provide consistent, high quality via hole creation. Scan heads must be extremely accurate to ensure precise via placement and high speed to meet demanding throughput requirements.

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Via Hole Drilling (VHD) Can Include:
  • Interconnection between copper layers in a PCB
  • Back drilling
  • Via fence
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