Medical: Biomedical Imaging

Fluorophore-specific wavelengths are critical as is speed and accuracy for laser beam steering components for best imaging results.

About Medical: Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical imaging is a broad topic covering fluorescence imaging, cell sorting, cytometry, and microscopy. In this resolution, sample damage and fluorophore-specific wavelengths are critical as is speed and accuracy for laser beam steering components. OEMs and end-users need to optimize their systems to ensure that complex beam shaping can be achieved without the loss of power. Novanta laser sub-systems offer:


  • Improved resolution and testing times to solve complex challenges
  • Options to create photons, shape photons and steer photons
  • Best power to size ratio solutions for easy integration
  • High-speed scanning options from a single supplier
  • The range of wavelengths allows highly specific structures to be imaged when partnered with excitation light of the right wavelength
  • Wavelengths are well matched to the application and offering greatly improved stability in power and narrower linewidth, reducing the requirement for expensive filter sets
  • Stability, size, and easy integration into any OEM system, including the use of fiber coupling, all can be controlled by software or manually by controls on the power supply.

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