taccor – Ultrafast Femtosecond Lasers

The taccor family offers a range of femtosecond lasers with a repetition rate of 1 GHz. They are all turn-key products that combine the pump laser and oscillator in a compact mono-block design that greatly reduces the maintenance needs compared to other similar designs.

taccor – Ultrafast Femtosecond Lasers

1 and 10 GHz femtosecond lasers with a compact mono-block design that greatly reduces maintenance needs.


taccor Power

The taccor power is designed and tuned to offer the highest power for the configuration, up to 1.8 W.


taccor Tune

A tuneable wavelength for applications where different wavelengths is required. Controlled via a simple touch-screen control (or software) to alter the output wavelength.


taccor X10

A turn-key femtosecond laser with a 10 GHz repetition rate, delivering more than 1 W of average power in pulses as short as 50 fs.

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Reliable operation

Long, Contamination-Free Operation

  • Remote connection capability – Internet connectivity for control, diagnosis and optimization.
  • Hermetically sealed – Fully sealed cavity ensures long, contamination-free lifetimes.
  • 3 year/9000 hour warranty – Full specification, industry-leading warranty.
Optimized performance

Self-Starting & Maintaining

  • Self-starting and maintaining – The laser starts electronically and constantly monitors its locking profile to ensure continued mode-locking performance.
  • Repetition rate locking – Optional upgrade to allow repetition rate locking to external electronics.
  • Highest power – The laser is optimized during its build to ensure the highest power is delivered.
  • CEP upgrade – This laser can be build as either CEP stabilized or in preparation for future upgrades.
Turnkey operations

Minimal User Interaction

  • Fit and forget user experience, minimal of user interaction is required.
  • No installation required, only needs to be plugged not an electrical power supply.
Model taccor Powertaccor Tunetaccor X10
Average Power Output

power 6 >1000 mW
power 10 >1800 mW

tune 10 > 1800 mW1

>1000 mW

Centre Wavelength2

nominal 800 nm (+/-20 nm)

740 nm to 910 nm (tuneable)3

nominal 830 nm (+/-30 nm)

Pulse Duration4

<30 fs

<80 fs

<50 fs

Spectral FWHM

> 23 nm

-15 nm

> 15 nm

Repetition Rate7

1 GHz

1 GHz

10 GHz

Pulse Energy

0.8 nJ to 1.8 nJ

1.3 nJ - 1.8 nJ
taccor tune 10

>100 pJ

Beam Size6

0.8 mm +/-0.3 mm

0.8 mm +/-0.3 mm

0.7mm +/-0.3 mm

Power Stability8




Noise (RMS)5




Polarization Ratio

> 100:1

> 100:1

> 100:1

Polarization Direction




Operating Temperature

21° C ± 5° C

21° C ± 5° C

21° C ± 5° C

*Laser Quantum operates a continuous improvement programme which can result in specifications being improved without notice.

1: The value stated is for ~800nm and will vary across the tuning range.

2: Measured as the spectral centroid.

3: Choose between blue (740-880nm) and red (780-910nm) tuning range upon order.

4: Achieved using optional extra cavity dispersion compensation.

5: Noise bandwidth 1 Hz to 1MHz.

6: FWHM beam diameter at laser exit.

7: Repetition rate accuracy +/-100kHz (+/-25MHz for taccor x10). Other repetition rates available upon request.

8: Measured over 8 hours after cold start within operating temperature range.