Metrology & Frequency Combs

Enable precision optical frequency measurements

About Metrology & Frequency Combs

Precision and accuracy are critical in metrology and frequency comb generation. In a world where OEMs need to deliver faster throughput whilst maintaining the same level of reliability in 24/7 output; laser systems are becoming increasingly popular. The accuracy is critical as many decisions will be made on whether there are possible contaminants or not, therefore, any false-positives will lead to increased wastage and costs.


On the other hand, frequency combs enable precision optical frequency measurements much in the same way as a ruler is used to measure a distance. They serve in many laboratories worldwide to perform fundamental physics experiments such as measurements of the drift of fundamental natural constants. They are used to perform massively parallel precision optical spectroscopy or to synthesize microwave signals with unprecedentedly low phase-noise. Frequency combs also support the development of novel superior optical atomic clocks, by functioning as their clockwork, which may eventually lead to such practical advances as more precise GPS navigation.


Novanta offers laser systems to accommodate Metrology applications:​


  • Very low noise: Preventing false positive readings.​
  • Compact size: High power to size ratio.​
  • Very high beam quality allows customers a high level of accuracy in diffracted light.​
  • Air cooled solution possible.​
  • Reproducible performance: power feedback enables the power level to remain constant with no power fluctuations.​
  • Minimize/prevent downtime with remote servicing for an application that requires 24/7 use.
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