ASOPS Engine

As the leading supplier for ASynchronous OPtical Sampling (ASOPS) technology this third generation ASOPS technique allows for the most precise and fastest time-domain spectroscopy available on the market. The ASOPS Engine includes all components necessary for high-speed ASOPS time-domain spectroscopy: two femtosecond lasers, master and slave, in addition to the TL-1000 ASOPS electronic unit for stabilizing the repetition rate of the slave laser with an offset to its master laser. The patented stabilization electronics enables a very high time resolution over the complete measurement window and enables the highest time resolution values.

ASOPS Engine

Third generation ASOPS technique enables precise and fast time-domain spectroscopy


ASOPS Engine

A leading sub-system for precision measurement and analysis of time-domain data.

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Reliable results

High Resolution

  • GHz rep rate – Offering benefits in a range of applications for reliable results in time domain spectroscopy or frequency comb generation.
  • High resolution – The long measurement window of 1 ns allows THz spectroscopy with very high frequency resolution and excellent frequency stability.
High-speed ASOPS

20 kHz Scan Rates

The time delay for THz spectroscopy is generated by employing ASOPS using two 1 GHZ lasers with a small difference in repetition rate allowing for scan rates up to 20 kHz.

Quick analyzing

Measure & Analyze

  • Software package – Designed for measuring and quickly analyzing THz time-domain data.
Model ASOPS Engine GHzASOPS Engine MHz
Repetition Rate

1 GHz

84 MHz**

Typical Repetition Rate Offset

2 kHz to 20 kHz

10 kHz to 1 kHz

Time Resolution

<60 fs* Over Full 1 ns Window

<100 fs* Over 5 ns Window

Time Delay Window

1 ns

11.9 ns