Semiconductor Electronics Inspection

Semiconductors need to be inspected for defects during every part of the manufacturing process. Accurate and precise results are critical in order to prevent unnecessary product wastage and cost to the manufacturer. Many of the inspection processes associated with electronics inspection utilise lasers, due to the inherent levels of measurement precision and resolution that these inspection applications demand. Whilst the measurement and inspection value of laser based technology is unsurpassed, deploying such technology often presents a number of key challenges for the manufacturer.
Requirement for reliable, long-lifetime lasers
Maintenance free
Passive, water-free cooling
Unique laser speckle patterns
Exceptional beam quality
Zero laser power fluctuations
Requirement to image smaller features

What is Electronic Inspection?

Electronic inspection involves the detailed examination of critical components for surface defects or identifying marks. This technique is particularly prevalent in silicon wafer manufacturing, where the wafers are used in the manufacture of semiconductor microchips. Detailed inspection should be performed to ensure that the manufactured product meets specification at each stage of the semiconductor wafer process. Inspection also identifies the smallest surface defects. The silicon wafer is inspected at least three times throughout the wafer manufacturing process for the manufacture of semiconductor microchips.