30 Watt CO2 Laser For Thin Film Cutting

30 Watt CO2 Laser is often used for Thin Film Cutting.  The Synrad vi30+ design, engineer, and build is for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seeking 30 Watt CO2 laser source. Specifically, a 30 Watt CO2 laser source that is a reliable, compact.  Outstanding power stability and beam quality ensures clean, crisp results while a new, upgraded RF module improves reliability.


For more than 20 years, Synrad 30 Watt CO2 lasers have been one of the most widely chosen CO2 laser sources among OEMs and System Integrators worldwide. Used primarily as a laser source for marking and coding applications, the highly stable output power and beam quality has found its way into thin film cutting applications

The Effects of Power Stability on Cutting Thin Films

Poor cut quality leads to higher levels of waste and lost productivity, increasing production costs and lowering profitability. The images below demonstrate the effects of power stability on cutting thin films. Additionally, poor power stability causes fluctuations in the laser power, yielding inconsistent results.

It’s important to avoid common CO2 laser pitfalls along with poor and/or unstable beam quality.  To learn more on how to avoid these common errors, read our full whitepaper below.

Read full whitepaper here.


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Test The Solution

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