Laser Marking & Coding Solutions

Laser Marking & coding requirements change quickly, therefore innovation and adaptation are key to keeping pace with industry changes. Novanta offers a unique selection of compatible components and integrated sub-systems to meet the changing demands.

Marking and coding are closely related applications. Marking involves creating a contrasting surface mark on the target material through ablation, discoloration, engraving, texturing, or surface melting. Coding is a type of marking. Instead of marking a static graphic or text, coding marks vary from item to item as in a serial number. In addition, from batch to batch as in an expiration date. Barcodes, QR codes, expiration dates, graphics, and alphanumeric codes can all be accomplished with a laser system on a wide range of material types:

  • Marking and coding with a laser system offers several key advantages over traditional methods:
  • Zero contact with the target material
  • Can be applied to curved or contoured surfaces
  • Digital control enables on-the-fly changes
  • Lower operating costs – no consumables, and very little required maintenance
  • High speed capability, suitable for high volume processing and production lines
  • Crisp, clear imagery, and text
  • Wide range of type fonts and sizes
  • Permanent marks that will not smear or rub off
  • Wide range of materials, including challenging materials like polyurethane foam and glass

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