Laser Solutions For OEMs

Our unique product range and engineering expertise from laser source through beam delivery offers seamless solutions, even for the most complex electronics manufacturing challenges.

These products include mission-critical core components and sub-systems for laser processing, measurement, and inspection that deliver extreme precision and performance. Through these products, Novanta enables OEMs and system architects to improve productivity by achieving break-through performance to enhance people’s lives:

Laser Beam Steering

High precision beam steering components and solutions engineered to deliver consistent reliability, speed, and accuracy to meet the needs of our OEM and system architect partners.  In addition, laser Beam Steering products include 2-Axis Scan heads, 3-Axis Scan heads, Components, Polygon Scanning, and Multi-Axis Scan heads.


Compact, reliable CO2, solid-state continuous wave, and ultrafast laser sources engineered for faster, easier integration into machines and systems. This allows for a wide range of zero-contact processing, precision measurement, and inspection applications. In addition, laser products include CO2 Lasers, CO2 Laser Accessories, Solid State Continuous Wave Lasers, and Ultrafast Lasers.

Controllers & Software

Powerful laser controller and software solution featuring more control, features and performance for application-specific jobs. Our solution incorporates proprietary algorithms, delivering precision and optimization in laser processing.


As a trusted OEM technology partner, Novanta collaborates engineer-to-engineer in order to create unique solutions to some of the most challenging laser processing, diagnostic, and analytical applications.