Glass Processing

Cut, score, or mark high performance glass used in electronics and scientific applications to architectural glass, and glassware for food and beverages

About Glass Processing

Laser processing is used to cut, score, or mark a variety of glass types, from high performance glass used in electronics and scientific applications to architectural glass to glassware for food and beverages. This non-contact processing is quickly gaining popularity since it alleviates concerns for cracks or stress caused by mechanical processes. There are no consumables and the process is highly repeatable.


Precisely controlling the laser system is critical for ensuring a smooth cut finish that will protect glass integrity. Marks are likewise controlled to offer the desired consistent finish without chipping or flaking.


Glass types, including Sapphire, Gorilla, OLED, borosilicate, quartz, and soda lime can all be laser processed. The choice of laser will depend on the material and desired application results, but pulsed and ultrashort pulsed lasers are increasing in popularity to ensure proper edge effects, consistent mark contrast, and minimize heat impact. Beam delivery can include scan heads for high-speed marking or cut heads to produce smaller spot sizes in cutting.

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Glass Processing Can Include:
  • Cutting
  • Scoring
  • Drilling
  • Etching and engraving
  • Marking
  • Additive manufacturing of quartz glass structures
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