Our highly engineered components and subsystem solutions—combined with deep expertise in advanced photonics—make us the global technology partner of choice for advanced industrial OEMs and system integrators. Our next generation 2-axis scan head, MOVIA combines expertise from our Cambridge Technology engineering teams to develop a compact high-performing solution for marking, coding and micromachining applications.

2-Axis Laser Scan Heads v2 eBook


Designed for marking and coding  applications, MOVIA is engineered by Cambridge Technology. This next generation of 2-axis scan heads features a compact, industrial design with improved equipment efficiency and system uptime. Customers looking for a high-quality laser marking scan head, small system design, and a solution that processes jobs faster can turn to MOVIA.

Complete Your Laser Marking System with CO2 Lasers from our Synrad brand. We offer high performance, precision tuned components and sub-systems, tested to meet your specific needs. MOVIA is compatible with Synrad’s CO2 lasers offering a wide selection of lasers with multiple configuration options to ensure maximum marking and coding flexibility.



Aperture 10 mm
Wavelength Options1

CO2: 9.2 - 10.6 µm
Fiber: 1040 - 1090 nm
Green: 532 nm Check with factory
UV: 353 - 357 nm Check with factory

Scan Angle

± 20°

Step Response2

<210 µsec

Typical Marking Speed3

3 m/s


<3.5 µrad

Long Term Drift4

Offset: <100 µrad
Scale: <150 ppm

Thermal Drift

Offset: <20 µrad/°C
Scale: <20 ppm/°C


All angles are in optical degrees, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Supports HeNe laser band.
  2. Settling to within 1% of position.
  3. With 160mm F-Theta lens.
  4. During 24 hours of operation after 30 minutes of warm up, per axis.