Probe Card Drilling

Create custom probe cards, allowing accurate testing of wafer devices

About Probe Card Drilling

Laser processing is used to create custom probe cards, allowing accurate testing of wafer devices. The precise placement of thousands of micro-sized holes to house the probes a challenge for traditional drilling methods. The need for square and rectangular shaped holes make laser drilling the natural choice for this application.


Precise control of hole size, shape, taper, and placement is critical to ensure tight positioning tolerances can be met over large areas, especially when entire wafers are tested in a single touchdown. Lasers are more versatile and consistent than mechanical counterparts, offering smaller and more complex hole geometries without tool wear and replacement. Use them to control hole shape (including circular, conical, square or rectangular holes), taper, and placement with excellent repeatability.


Ultrashort pulsed lasers are increasingly being used to reduce thermal effects and improve quality. Scan heads must be extremely accurate while offering the high-speed processing necessary to meet manufacturing demands, especially as probe count increases.

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Probe Card Drilling Can Include:
  • Accurate testing of probe cards in semiconductor manufacturing
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