Time-Domain Spectroscopy/ASOPS

Evaluate carrier relaxation, lattice vibrations, and other collective dynamic phenomena in solids, semiconductors and gases

About Time-Domain Spectroscopy/ASOPS

Ultrafast time-domain spectroscopy is used to evaluate carrier relaxation, lattice vibrations, and other collective dynamic phenomena (polaritons, plasmons, superconductivity, phase transitions, etc.) in solids, semiconductors, and gases. A severe disadvantage of the conventional approach is the fact that a physical mass needs to be moved to accomplish the time delay, significantly limiting the scanning speed. In addition, translation stages suffer from residual manufacturing tolerances and alignment error impeding precise calibration of potentially causing measurement artifacts.


ASynchronous OPtical Sampling (ASOPS)measures the same sample characteristics but uses two ultrafast lasers with offset repetition rates. The time separation between excitation and probe pulse is scanned automatically at a constant rate given by the offset frequency. This has the benefit of offering high speed analysis within a 1 ns time window with 60 fs time resolution in just a few milliseconds. Additionally, the stability of the system is improved as there are no moving mechanics to affect pointing stability or spot sizes.


Novanta’s unique solutions enable:


  • High-speed ultrafast time-domain spectroscopy.
  • Accessible time delays impossible with conventional solutions.
  • No need for the painful search for the time-delay zero point.
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