Metrology/Inspection: Lidar

Compact lasers that can easily be integrated into lidar equipment

About Metrology/Inspection: Lidar

Lidar is an exploding application especially as self-driving cars come to the forefront, although it is widely used in mapping, agriculture, geology, and mining already. Lidar is a technique used to determine ranges by targeting an object with a laser. Having compact lasers that can easily be integrated into equipment is a must and expertise to design tailored solutions is another offering by Novanta.


  • Compact sub-systems designed to be easily integrated into OEM equipment
  • Precise and stable systems that allow for accurate results in a quick response rate, reproducible system to system
  • Laser and scanning systems can be used to guide the beam and map a complete area or large range.

Precision and accuracy for improved throughput and 24/7 reliability