New Laser Glass Marking Sub-System

Faster throughput, expanded programming, added stability

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The new Integrator Package is a factory aligned and specially tuned sub-system ready for out-of-the box operation, with a unique characteristic…fully designed and manufactured by Novanta, a single source and single point-of-contact for technical support, purchase, and service.


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What's New
Faster throughput

Optional CO2 laser power levels up to 100 W provides more than 60% increase in processing power as compared to other glass marking systems. The new hybrid analog/digital 2-axis scan head improves processing speed with faster and more accurate positioning and step response. ScanMaster™ controller/software package includes ScanPack trajectory planning to automatically optimize laser scanning path to improve throughput speed.

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Powerful, configurable software included

Industry leading ScanMaster™ controller/software is included, compare with competitive systems that sell controller/software systems separately. The ScanMaster™ package includes features that optimize marking and coding processes with proprietary algorithms and unique setting options.

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More system configuration and operation options

Multiple system configurations are easily programmed to support high-precision or low-precision scanning performance levels. ScanMaster™ maintains > 15 million vector moves with more than 3.5GB onboard storage space for standalone operations and remote administration, eliminating the need for an operating PC.

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Added stability for harsh working environments

To maintain optimal operating temperature, water cooled options for both the laser and scan head are available for added stability in harsh working environments.

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