Improve LPBF Part Printing

FIREFLY3D & ScanMaster™ Controller/Designer optimize LPBF processing

New Laser Scanning Eco-System

Optimizing output while ensuring absolute quality results for LPBF operators is essential. The FIREFLY3D laser scan head with the ScanMaster™ controller and ScanMaster™ Designer software package creates a unique eco-system dedicated to maximizing output with extreme processing detail.

Novanta designed FIREFLY3D as the ultimate 3-axis laser scan head for metal LPBF applications. When combined with a ScanMaster™ package that has been finely tuned for LPBF applications, FIREFLY3D unleashes the power of an optimized additive manufacturing system.

Unique features for LPBF applications
Higher Production Yields, Lower Processing Cost

Fastest 3-axis scan head with advanced software controls including patented technology that optimizes the scan pattern to eliminate wasted galvanometer movement. Novanta’s industry-leading Cambridge Technology galvanometers are field-proven performers for speed and accuracy and are the reliable core components for FIREFLY3D. Novanta’s scan head/software/controller LPBF eco-system can reduce processing cost per gram by as much as 10% based on extensive testing and benchmarking.


Extreme Processing Detail

Industry leading 24-bit resolution controller combined with a precise, low-drift galvanometer set enables greater processing detail for best-in-class sintered metal structure and surface finish. Monitor the LPBF process with a real-time digital interface using two optical ports for high and low band process monitoring.

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Designed for 24/7 Reliability

Compact, fully enclosed scan head with IP65 rated optical enclosure for harsh environments. FIREFLY3D incorporates our industry leading Cambridge Technology components with extended in-field proven performance.

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Avoid Costly Run-Time Errors

Quick out-of-the-box operation reduces integration time and includes real-time digital interface with two optical sensor ports for high and low band process monitoring. Real-time process monitoring helps reduce run-time errors by ensuring the highest quality part surfaces and fused metal structure integrity.

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