Is it possible to adjust the repetition rate of the laser?

Yes, each of our taccor, gecco and venteon systems can be purchased with the repetition rate control option. Control of the repetition rate and active feedback is enabled by cavity mirrors mounted on a fast and slow piezo crystal enabling rapid feedback and drift control simultaneously. In combination with the TL-1000 repetition rate stabilisation unit, timing jitter below 100fs can be achieved.

Alternatively, the repetition rate can be slightly changed by variations of the temperature of the cooling system. The change of the repetition rate is depending on the coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminium. Increasing the temperature leads to a smaller repetition rate, decreasing the temperature leads to a bigger repetition rate. In a taccor system for example, a temperature change of 1°C leads to a change in repetition rate of approx. 27kHz.

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