Medical: Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting

Analysis solutions for high-throughput imaging systems for complex cell-based imaging

About Medical: Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting

Delivering analysis solutions for high-throughput imaging systems for complex cell-based imaging. This tool is becomingly increasingly powerful within clinical laboratories to determine physical and biological cell characteristics, as this can be done at a rate of thousands of cells per second, with a detection limit of 1 in 50,000. The flow cytometry laboratory can respond to clinicians with an effective result in under 2 hours. The choice of laser system is therefore critical to the success of the cytometer and its results. Since one of the primary measures obtained is the “amount” of forward and side scatter, any fluctuation in the power output from the laser will artificially cause the measurement of particle size, granularity, and internal complexity of the cell to change. Furthermore, since the diagnosis of antigen content can very often rely on the comparison of intensity between two fluorophores, wavelength, and power output stability is also critical. Novanta also ensure:


  •  Compact platforms for easy integration
  • Offering critical wavelengths in one platform
  • High specification and stable lasers/scanning solutions to support technology
  • Power output feedback mechanism that maintains power output stability to industry leading levels and therefore ideal for use in this increasingly-used detection technique

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