Improving Laser Processing Throughput, Accuracy, & Results

The ScanMaster laser control solution, from our Cambridge Technology brand enables end-user control and management of their laser scanning solution. With a constant improvement mindset, Novanta ScanMaster controller and software frequently incorporates new, unique features and proprietary algorithms to improve process throughput and results quality, including:

  • Intuitive user interface for faster job creation
  • Easy job creation and flexible system integration with object oriented ScanMaster API
  • Large field processing with XY system integration with SyncMaster laser control
  • Higher throughput with uniform laser power density, proprietary ScanPack algorithim with the fully digital Lightning™ II scan heads
  • Unique text-on-path feature to input text around the path of a shape

Application specific features for high-precision applications:


Trajectory Scan Time Estimation – estimate build times using both simulated and actual builds for a laser sintering machine.


Proprietary Algorithm – accurately delivers uniform laser power density and 24bit GSBus command resolution


High Position Accuracy – 24bit GSBus communication protocol delivers industry-best precision for demanding applications


3D Wrapping & Tracing – eliminates complex processes when applying 3D marking on curved surfaces.


Skywriting – executes shapes and text at a constant marking speed with precision, delivering uniform laser energy distribution


High-Speed Polygonal Scanning – minimal set-up time, enables high precision cell sorting for cell therapy manufacturing