High Precision Laser Scan Heads

Designed for precision processing applications where success is measured by accuracy, repeatability, throughput, and reliability.

Fully Enclosed and Modular Systems Built With Premium Components

Novanta laser scan heads are built with their industry leading Cambridge Technology components, including some of the most advanced beam delivery capabilities and features. Choose from fully enclosed scan heads that enable fast, easy installation to modular scanning systems for integration into larger processing systems and machines.

Innovative components include lightweight, high precision beryllium mirrors, fully digital galvanometer sets, reliable analog, or digital servo drivers, and IP50 and IP65 rated enclosures. Novanta scan heads are versatile and compatible with a wide range of UV, fiber, CO2, and infrared laser wavelengths.

Novanta Laser Scan Heads
Multi-Axis Precession Elephant III

Designed for high-precision laser drilling, cutting and micromachining applications and are used 24/7 in production facilities around the world. The Precession Elephant III offers maximum flexibility for the drilling of innovative borehole-and edge geometries of differing conicity, taper angles and shapes, and allows the production of perfectly round, elliptical, and custom-shaped micro holes. To optimize productivity Precession Elephant II can monitor the laser process and the laser beam properties during processing operations.

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FIREFLY3D Enclosed 3-Axis Scan Head

Originally designed to be used in the heart of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) machines, the accuracy, speed, and repeatability has proven to be especially useful in a wide variety of precision applications. FIREFLY3D incorporates the latest galvanometer technology in its IP65 rated optical enclosure, and flexible laser coupling solutions simplify machine integration.

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LIGHTNING™ II Modular 3-Axis Scan Head

LIGHTNING™ II modular scan head offers the most flexible system integration option out in the market. Designed to be built around OEM machines, LIGHTNING™ II can be taken apart easily to fit into your system for a truly customized solution. Packed with the highest speed, accuracy and support for different system integration options, our LIGHTNING™ II scan heads are optimized for demanding applications requiring fast, precise scanning and continuous operation.

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LIGHTNING™ II Modular 2-Axis Scan Head

The highest speed and accuracy available in a 2-axis scan head. The modular, digital configuration is designed for integration into machines and systems for advanced industrial and electronics applications such as via-hole drilling, additive manufacturing, and micromachining.

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VERSIA Hybrid 2-Axis Scan Head

Highly versatile analog/digital scan head is designed to improve productivity for a wide range of applications with new digital servo design, which can carry multiple individually optimized tunes for specific applications . VERSIA features an IP54 rated enclosure with intuitive, industry-standard inputs and outputs for easy integration, and bi-directional communication protocols to monitor position.

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MOVIA 2-Axis Scan Head

Compact, industrial design with improved throughput and uptime. Designed for easy system integration due to its compact size and industry-standard interfaces, MOVIA is well-suited for a variety of marking and coding processes. Specifically, those that require high throughput and consistent, reliable quality when repeating marks.

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