Five Advantages from the SyncMaster for Delivering Unlimited Productivity

Cambridge Technology recently announced the latest release of ScanMaster Controller & Designer V3.0. With this release, we introduce the much-anticipated large field laser processing control method, SyncMaster aimed at delivering infinite productivity and ease of use. This feature synchronizes a XY linear stage with a Galvanometer scanning head and eliminates work field size limitation. Its intelligent software interfacing enables ease of operation and a system that fits production environment with unmatched accuracy and speed. But besides those benefits, the SyncMaster also tackles a lot of industry challenges which can pose limitations in resources, integration and system flexibility. Let’s explore the SyncMaster’s advantages which provides maximum productivity.


1. Independent of XY linear stage controller

Currently, there are multiple XY stage and scan head synchronization solutions available in the market, but none provide the flexibility to be independent of the XY stage controller. Most solutions are either bundled with the XY stage or limited to its adaptability which restricts OEM’s to use a local XY stage. Not to mention, a bundled solution could be more expensive. The SyncMaster is the first and only controller out in the market who can model an XY linear stage controller, delivering integration with virtually any XY stage controller. This means that the laser control solution is independent of the XY stage, adding flexibility to any solution. Currently, SyncMaster supports the off-the-shelf, Physik Interumente A-82xx controller series, with more models to be added soon.


2. Easy Operation and System Integration

Learning, training and programming for XY stages can sometimes be challenging due to limited access to its .DLL or API libraries which results in higher investment for technology expertise. SyncMaster is designed to be the master controller for the OEM’s full system, resulting in easy operation without having to invest in training and manpower. To make start-up and system integration a breeze, the ScanMaster features cutting edge algorithms, which reduces your set up time significantly. This delivers productivity thanks to reduced set up times and fast operation.


3. Large Field of Laser Processing

The scan head processing area is limited by the intrinsic optics limitation. This poses a challenge in delivering unmatched performance while keeping the highest accuracy for large field laser processing while using conventional methods such as Tiling or Step-and-Scan or others.
To solve this problem, the SyncMaster’s large field processing extends the work field while maintaining the highest accuracy and throughput. This allows larger jobs to be created with uncompromising quality.


4. Best in Class Accuracy and Repeatability

In traditional step-and-scan or tiling processes, synchronization between a scan head and XY stage is limited, which results in an offset error while stitching the shapes. We created a proprietary novel concept, Position Feedforward Compensation which provides the SyncMaster with zero stitching error. This delivers consistent high quality and performance and unlike conventional stitching exposures, our unique synchronized process delivers zero-line edge roughness.


5. Highest Throughput While Maintaining Accuracy

In various industries such as consumer electronics, solar cell, and 5G communication they require very high throughput without trading off quality. The SyncMaster delivers the highest throughput while maintaining accuracy. Synchronizing a scan head and XY stage reduces idle time for positioning, ultimately improving throughput by 33% compared to alternatives.

The ScanMaster’s latest update is has user versatility options, optimization of performance features, and a solution that enables easy operation and integration. This solution’s design provides simple integration into any XY motion system. It delivers extended work field which enables higher accuracy and throughput for the most demanding jobs. To learn more about our latest update, watch our video here.