When and how to realign the gecco or venteon cavity?

Generally the gecco or venteon cavity should not be re-aligned. Only in the highly unlikely event that the performance changes described in FAQ ‘When do the optics in a gecco or venteon need to be cleaned?’ are not solved by repeatedly cleaning the optics or re-adjusting the pump power it is recommended to re-align the cavity.

For realignment, after referring to the user manual, please ensure to wear clean disposable gloves to avoid contamination and switch the gecco or venteon to maintenance mode via the user screen. Only use the two adjustable end mirrors of the cavity, M9 & M6 (OC) for the gecco and M8 & M6 (OC) for the venteon. Please read the user manual carefully prior to any realignment.

If the attempt to re-align the laser fails to bring the laser back in spec please contact our Support team.

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