What differentiates LightningTM II from other servo technology on the market?

Lightning II systems incorporate six* differentiating elements:

  • Encoder Position Detector – Advanced encoder technology and state-of-the-art galvo motor design provide ultra-high resolution and ultra-low drift, resulting in unsurpassed
  • PWM Drive Output – Extremely efficient power transfer from the driver to the motor enables unmatched speed and accuracy even with very large
  • Observer-based State-space Modeling – The control algorithms in the servo driver are tailored to a specific motor / mirror combination, which enables the servo to achieve maximum performance in speed and
  • GSB Communication Protocol – The General Scanning Bus, a new bi-directional high speed serial communication protocol between controller and servo driver(s), delivers sophisticated control to the scanners, and status and streaming probe data to the
  • ScanMaster Control Software – Utilizing a single USB connection between a computer and the scanning system, this revolutionary control software provides automation and optimization far better than any other
  • TuneMaster II Setup Software – Automated and user-friendly tools help shorten optimized tune development, automate production tuning and improve


*some configurations do not include all six elements.