No output – There is no continuous wave laser output – what can I do?

There are different causes which can prevent the system from lasing. Please check the following steps to ensure that this is not caused by an external factor.

  1. Please switch the system off completely (including power supply unit), wait for approximately 30min and restart the system.
  2. Please ensure that the cooling system is running properly:
    1. Are the tubes connected?
    2. Is the chiller switched on?
    3. Is the fluid circulating?
    4. What are the temperatures of the laser head and power supply unit and are the temperatures settling?)
  3. Please ensure that all cables and the interlock connector are secured properly at the laser head and/or at the power supply unit.
  4. Please ensure that the key is turned to the ‘on’ position, enabled and that the warm up phase is finished.
  5. Check and ensure that the pump diode drive current is set to a value above lasing threshold, e.g. use a value in the between 50% – 100%
  6. If the problem still occurs please contact our Laser Quantum Support Team.

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